The halls are been decked out story event

Date and time: 9th December to 31st December.


Decorations can be exchanged for items after you have completed a battle in this event.

Available decorations:

  • Jolly Holly
  • Jingle Bell
  • Merry Poinsettia
  • Festive Wreath

Sync pairs:

Skyla & Togekiss

Erika & Comfey

Rosa & Delibird:

Siebold & Octillery

Player Character & Pikachu

Player Character & Torchic

Event medals:

You can earn these medals in this event to show of to your friends.

Pokemon center:

The Pokemon center has special music and background for this event.

Important stuff:

You must of completed main story chapter 1 in normal single player mode to able to be involved in this event.

All leftover decorations can be traded in for money after the event is over.

login bonuses will go straight to your present box.

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