Ghost type Pokémon apparel is coming

On the 27th of October Pokémon Centers around Japan will release all new Ghost type Pokémon apparel. Gengar, Drifloon, Misdreavus, Litwick, Chandelure, Banette, Marshadow and Shedinja are the featured Pokémon of these new designs. With a large range of Pokémon, this will keep many Pokémon trainers happy. There are cute and fashionable socks that look like Pokemon’s mascot looks out when wearing shoes

Yokohama Pokémon Center Re-Opening

The Yokohama Pokémon Center will be relocating from Landmark Plaza 4F to Marui City 8F. It will also get a whole redesign including appearance, legendary Pokémon statue and Pokémon games. The stores theme has been announced as “Space of the Harbor”, it has a fusion of sea, like Yokohama. Now with a sea theme we