The third release of the stunning Shikishi Art is coming!

Haven’t heard of Shikishi Art before? It is a Pokémon Coloured Paper ART” series that arranges Pokemon illustrations in a brush-like and watercolor style touch. Amazing illustrations and scenes are expressed with a brush and finished in a powerful, high-quality piece.Scene scenes such as water and woods are expressed with a calm watercolor style touch.

These beautiful artboards are 135mm x 120mm in size and come in blind packs. You will receive one artwork in each packet along with a piece of gum. If you would like to check out the first and second sets click here First, Second. Now let’s check out the art!

Stunning right?

This set it to be released by Bandi in Japan on December 23rd. You will need to get them through an online reseller as they are only in Japan.

What sets your favourite?

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