More Galar Region Pokemon Merch is on its way!

Experience the real life adventure of Pokemon Sword and Shield, while you and your partner take on the journey together. This collection is all about the special bond with a trainer and its partner throughout their adventure. We all start off with our cute little starter Pokemon and watch them learn new moves and evolve to their stronger forms. So lets celebrate it!

In this collection there is a plush of our good old buddy Corvknight ready to take us anywhere we need to go, along with some plush mascots of our favourite little buds and a whole range of clothing/stationary items.

This collection is set to be released on the 11th of April in Pokemon Centers around Japan. Some online importers may also have some items available.

Which starter is your favourite? I picked Scorbunny 🙂

A mad retro Pokémon collector from Australia. Owner of the Pokémon Newspaper and Pokémon Home Decor @ Creations by Jesska

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