Pokemon Day 25th Anniversary ‘What we know so far’

There has been so much information released today on the Pokemon Day celebrations, read it all in once place!

OK lets get started! So a lot of information was released today, artists, codes and stuff to look forward too. Where should we start? I guess from the top. If you were subscribed to the Pokemon.com newsletter you would have got an email today letting us know the next artist onboard with Pokemon is Post Malone.

The video is short and goes for about 2 minutes. Feel free to watch it below:

It doesn’t really allude to much. A virtual concert will be held in the evening on Pokemon Day Feb 27th starting at 7:00 pm EST, if my calculations are correct for us in South Australia that’s 10.30 am Feb 28th. The party event will be on Youtube, twitch and the Pokemon25 website.

Now my question also was why music artists? Why are the Pokemon Company probably dishing out dollars for all these amazing music artists, remembering last month they also announced Katy Perry as the premier artist. Well! The Pokemon Company International has teamed up with Universal Music Group to bring this concert and more music surprises throughout 2021 called the P25 Music. Looks like we have more special Pokemon Music to see throughout the whole year.

We have no idea what this concert is going to be like but with the little bit of Cartoon ending on the trailer clip, I really hope they turn Post Malone and future artists into Pokemon Trainers.

Next up!

Pokemon Mystery Gift Code.

The Pokemon Company has announced a Special Pikachu will be distributed to celebrate the music event. The code will be sent via email to all Pokemon.com news subscribers on Feb 25th. This is the only Pikachu that knows the move ‘Sing’, as usually it cannot learn this TM.

Last Up but most interesting!

To get us ready for the concert the Pokemon Company International will be giving us a full week of Pokemon News. That’s right from Feb 22nd – 28th The Pokemon Company will be releasing more gifts and future gaming updates. I really hope we get to hear about the next game/remake they are going to do? With Pokemon Snap coming out at the end of April, I hope it’s ‘new‘ news lol.

As soon as we have any new information, a new article will be posted so don’t forget to check back later!

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