Another great community full of Pokemon fans!

Pokemon Collectors Australia is one of the best Pokemon communities, not only do they have razzes, giveaway’s and live breaks but all there videos also include sign language. Pokemon Collectors Australia also known as PCA started not to long ago back in November 2019. Only being live for over 2 months they have already gathered 469 loyal Pokemon fans.

As there is no real owner of this community, which makes it more diverse. There are three people who thought of this amazing idea and made it a relality. Asif, Rosh, and Jack are the three original admins who run the events. They have also have three loyal supporters Blake, Jeff and Cheston who also help admin and moderate.

Now what makes PCA better than other groups?

Besides the amazing raffles and giveaways (even a rainbow zard!) they support the Australian Deaf Community. During all live streams they have Auslan sign language. This means everyone can participate. It has already shown how it can change peoples lives during this short time.

Having a community that connects with people who normally cannot connect with us on the same level is special. It’s not about making a profit or getting as many followers as you can but about the people and of course the love we all have of Pokemon.

If you would love to be apart of the community (I already am) check them out on the link below.

Pokemon Collectors Australia (PCA)

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