Newest Pokemon Build-a-Bear

Jolteon has joined the Build-a-Bear gang!

Build-a-Bear US has released it’s Summer Eeveelution plush, Jolteon. This follow’s on from the Build-a-bear’s 2020 sneak peak. The Flareon plush was released back in January this year.

So far Jolteon has only been released in the US and UK. This is quiet normal as the US always release’s the new plushes a few days before Australia Build-A-Bear. So hang tight it wont be long until we get a notification as well. This is usually posted on the Australian Version Facebook page.

The US version is WAY better than the Australian’s. I personally only purchase the US plushes because they also include the Pokemon voice box. Why they don’t let us have the Pokemon voices here I have no idea, considering we have other Build-a-Bear sounds. ANYWAY lets have a look at Jolteon with it’s own cape and pajamas.

Once Australia has been announced I will let you know 🙂


Australian Build-A-Bear will be getting Jolteon in stock on Friday the 10th of July. This is an instore only product. The electric cape can also be bought seperately.

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