Let’s race to victory time – trial event

Date and time: 11th November to 29th November.


gain points in battles and the number of points you have will depend on what items you get.

grades are also in this event try and work your way up s before time runs out.

There are a restriction on how many times to battle. Each day you get 3 attempts and what ever you have left over from the previous day.

Practice matches:

These types of matches use no stamina and has no restrictions. You can not get any points from these battles.


You can get in this event are:

power up tickets, scout tickets, strike move candy coins and tech move candy coins.

Sync pairs you can use:

Nate & Braviary

Rosa & Delibird

Blue & Pidgeot

Kahili & Toucannon

Skyla & Swanna

Winona & Pelipper

Important bits:

To be involved you must of completed main story chapter 1 in normal single player mode.

Login bonuses are sent to your present box.

login bonuses reset at 10pm each day

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