KFC Indonesia x Pokemon

KFC Indonesia is following KFC China and jumping on the Pokemon band wagon!

Earlier this month KFC in Indonesia announced a Pokemon event with their Kids Meals. This even consists of eight Pokemon promo cards with the KFC symbol, they receive one card per Kids Meal (I wonder if it sold out like the US Maccas promos?)

The designs on these promos cards have been taken from the Sword and Shield and Sun and Moon TCG sets. There is a full art Pikachu friends that is a non-holo version of the Hong Kong/Taiwan Chinese New Year Rapture release, a Tag Bolt-gen holofoil Charizard, Double Blaze Mewtwo and many others.

Lets have a look!

What I think is very interesting is the names on the Pokemon cards are in English yet the moves are in Indonesia. These cards have already sky rocketed on ebay some going for up to $200 USD. By the sounds of it the Pokemon fans love their promos!

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