The Crown Tundra Gameplay

Check out some Legendary Cave Raids!

During an episode of ‘Pokénchi’ on Japanese TV, a short snip it was shown of some gameplay. What a perfect teaser! We only have to wait about a week until we can play it ourselves.

During the game play we get to see the process to get a Legendary Pokemon in the Dynamax Caves. First you will need to verse three Dynamax Pokemon before you can proceed to the Legendary. Make sure to get supplies before you take on the challenge as just like in the Elite Four all PP and HP carry over to each battle. If you run out it’s okay there will be items like berries can you find along the way to help.

Once you battle the Legendary Pokemon it pretty much guarantees the catch. How awesome! No wasting like 26546156456x PokeBalls on one Pokemon for me anymore. You can only catch one of each Legendary.

Watch the gameplay here

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