Free Limited ‘Celebi’ Pokemon Card

In the latest August issue of Corocoro Koroichiban you will receive a free card! This super rare Pokemon card is not available anywhere else. It’s beautiful, it’s sparkly, it’s Celebi! The Corocoro Koroichiban August edition was released just a few days ago in Japan on the 21st of June. Wouldn’t one of those look lovely

New Ditto Transformations

Coming to Pokemon Center’s in Japan December 22nd, The ‘Ditto Transformations Collection’ get new additions. Who could forget Duplica’s Ditto! That cute little goofy smile and beady little eyes, we could see that on any Pokemon. The first release of the ‘Ditto Transformation Collection’ was back in March 2016. Since then, there has been five

Pokemon Vending Machines!

Kansai Aiport has just announced their new Pokemon Stall (Vending Machine). Items available for purchase through the machine, are the original popular products and also the limited edition Airport Pikas!    These are also available at the Kansai Pokemon Center. It may be small but it is filled wall to wall! So make sure to also

Amigurumi Pikachu 's Collection

What is amigurumi? Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting/crotching. Sooo, that’s right guys, super cute knitted Pika’s are making their way to Pokemon centers around Japan and on of all days, Japan’s Culture Day Nov 3. The “Pikachu” knitted in knit and “Snowman’s Snowman” have your hearts smiling just by looking at them. Patterns of