Pokemon and Item storage has been increased

The maximum storage space in the Pokemon box has been increased to 3,000. The maximum storage space for the item bag has been upgraded to 2,500. Extra Pokemon space is useful for keeping all those new Shadow Pokemon and you can never have enough item space!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Experience

People in Japan get the chance to win a place in the secret trial! Ever heard of the Japan ‘Pokemon Secret Club’? In order to be a member of this exclusive club you must be in Japan and have pre-ordered a copy of Sword or Shield or both! The secret club is a limited time

New Pokémon Character in Super Smash!

It’sssssssssssssss Incineroar! The Sun and Moon fire/dark cat Pokémon is making his way to the new Super Smash Ultimate. With his wrestling moves crossed with some flame, he will defiantly be a great contender. His moves include: Darkest Lariat Cross Chop Revenge Max Malicious Moonasult Incineroar is also the very last fighter that Nintendo included on the