New Pokémon Character in Super Smash!

It’sssssssssssssss Incineroar! The Sun and Moon fire/dark cat Pokémon is making his way to the new Super Smash Ultimate. With his wrestling moves crossed with some flame, he will defiantly be a great contender. His moves include: Darkest Lariat Cross Chop Revenge Max Malicious Moonasult Incineroar is also the very last fighter that Nintendo included on the

Pokemon Vending Machines!

Kansai Aiport has just announced their new Pokemon Stall (Vending Machine). Items available for purchase through the machine, are the original popular products and also the limited edition Airport Pikas!    These are also available at the Kansai Pokemon Center. It may be small but it is filled wall to wall! So make sure to also

Amigurumi Pikachu 's Collection

What is amigurumi? Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting/crotching. Sooo, that’s right guys, super cute knitted Pika’s are making their way to Pokemon centers around Japan and on of all days, Japan’s Culture Day Nov 3. The “Pikachu” knitted in knit and “Snowman’s Snowman” have your hearts smiling just by looking at them. Patterns of

Sun & Moon Lost Thunder

Zeraora is coming to Pokemon TCG with the new Lost Thunder collection. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Build up electrifying strategies with seven new powerful Prism Star cards including Celebi and Ditto, as well as 13 Pokémon-GX including the shocking Zeraora-GX! Call down the thunder and charge your deck with high-powered Pokémon in the gigantic Sun