Sword and Shield, ep 29 – Crackling and chewy! One-punch feeling

The day started with Chloe’s Yamper bringing home an injured Pidove that it found. Chloe and her brother decide to nurse to Pidove back to full health and begin to fall in love with it. However it becomes known that Yamper is not happy with all the attention that Pidove is getting. View the full

32-bit Android devices will be supported for more time in Pokemon Go

It was announced that on August 2020 support for 32-bit Android devices would end. On a future update you will only be able to play Pokemon Go using a 64-bit Android device.  Today, Niantic announced on its “Niantic Support” Twitter that they were postponing the change to a later date, to be disclosed. The official Tweet

Galarian and Alolan Pokemon will hatch from 7km Eggs!

The 7km Egg pool has changed. Galarian and Alolan Pokemon will be hatching from the 7km eggs you can receive in Gifts! Starting on Monday, June 8, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. local time, as soon as the Throwback Challenge event ends, the only Pokemon that may hatch from those eggs are: Galarian Meowth Galarian Zigzagoon